when almost-strangers make your world ok again


I woke up this morning to my phone ringing.
It was the default ring on my phone which was across the room charging,
so I let voice mail pick up.

When I finally crawled out of bed, curious, it was a NY number.
I almost cried when I heard the message.
In the background I could hear the sounds of the Broadway Flea Market.
And though I would have been grateful and excited to hear from my friend Keith, it wasn’t him.  It was Andrew.  A man whose job I covet, but more importantly a just-barely-more-than-acquaintance who was sweet enough to call when he heard I couldn’t be there.  He offered to call me back when he saw anything I might be interested in and buy things for me.  It made me feel really wonderful.

And while I had him on the phone, I invited him to celebrate my birthday with me at Tout Va Bien and onstage that night at Spring Awakening.  Now, instead of being sad for missing this weekend, I have turned the corner and am looking forward to my trip next month.


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