O fill my soul!


After having returned from my last trip to the city in a whirlwind and never fully writing about the experiences I had, I simply must mention the trip I took in June before I leave AGAIN this Sunday.  Dear Jordan and I took a brief jaunt to Manhattan the weekend of the 21st.  I snagged onstage seats for Spring Awakening on that day because I *knew* I would want to see the show after the Tony Awards.  And after so much success, it was incredible to experience again.  I was thrilled by the sheer number of awards won, and by the Best Musical award, but even more for Johnny  who won the best supporting award!

Our first evening in the city we settled in . . . I took Jordan for a very looooong and exquisite meal at Tout Va Bien.  We stopped by the stage door– I can’t not at least walk by.  By now there is practically a groove in the pavement between the restaurant and the Eugene O’Neill.  The stage door was hopping.  There were lots of fans there lamenting the breaking news that Krysta would be leaving the show soon to go into A Chorus Line as Bebe.  GO KRYSTA!  Now I am gonna have to go see ACL in August or September.  😉 I briefly told the boys to get to bed early– I had matinee tickets for Saturday.

We stayed in the city at a nice hostel about 15 minutes subway ride from midtown.  On Saturday afternoon we made our way to mecca and J. saw his first Broadway show from onstage, no less.  These seats were the most “distracting” onstage seats I had yet.  Being near so many cast members makes it harder to focus on the show (not just their general presence either . . . they breathe hard, hum along, snicker ALOT, give each other looks, have entire conversations . . . LOL).  But it sure was a hell of a lot of fun.  That night Jordan wanted to see Spelling Bee.  I would say I didn’t need to see it again BUT it’s a very funny script, it was neat to see an entirely different cast who had all worked together in SF/Boston, and well, it’s a William Finn show on Broadway.  Gotta love it while it lasts!

Sunday was full too.  We rushed for Company.  Box seats for 36 bucks.  Hell yes.
That show was so immensely satisfying that I don’t even know where to begin.  I love Sondheim and I reaaallllly love Company.  I was afraid to see the John Doyle staging– even after my other faithful Company-loving friends assured me I wouldn’t want to miss it.  And I’ve never been a fan of Raul Esparza.  BUT.  I. AM. NOW. A. FAN. OF. RAUL. ESPARZA.  Seriously, that man got robbed.  Better yet, the Tony Award missed its chance to honor one of the best performances ever on Broadway.  I’m convinced.  And this from a serious convert.   Did I mention I could barely stand his voice or onstage presence before?  He was brilliant as Bobby.  That show is at the top of my list of theatrical experiences- and we all know how I feel about Spring Awakening.  This was just different.  I think mostly because the show has meant so much to me for so long.  I am sad that it closed this week.  I am grateful I got to experience it.
My heart beats a little faster just thinking about it.

And then there was Legally Blonde.  Which I won’t sully my Company rave by writing too much about.  Let’s just say I LOVED the movie. I would loved to have loved the musical.  The clever self awareness of the film just did not come through onstage.  It seemed racist and classist and pretty mediocre overall.  The story was poorly reworked.  The music is mostly useless.  I hated Grey Gardens, but at least that hot mess had musical integrity.  And the audience for Legally Blonde?  Don’t get me started.  Front to back– wealthy white women and their bratty spoiled gaggles of 14 year olds.  Throw in the occasional daddy with a credit card lugging hot pink souvenirs.  It was nauseating to watch those people stand at the end with Company closing down the street.  I understand commercialism and our culture.  That doesn’t mean it doesn’t break my heart some days.

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