The fountains are on


It’s been above 75 degrees.  This is a happy fact.
And on the downtown mall the city has turned on the fountains!
I forgot my camera this weekend– but here’s a picture I took downtown on a nice night before the Easter chill.

Right now I am feeling pleasant and productive. (Obviously, or I wouldn’t be ACTUALLY composing a blog entry, right?)  In fact, I even graded some papers.  Okay, not as many as I need to, but baby steps . . .

I’m surprised, too.  Especially about the pleasant part.  I think I’ve been in a sort of dark place on and off for the past few months, but trying to deny it.  So pleasant feels good.

Things that are making me happy right this second:

— comfortable solitude (not feeling lonely while alone)
— trashy MTV shows
— polka dots
— girly shoes
— my laptop (I am eternally grateful . . . )
— theatre tickets (past, present and future)
— the sound of a fan (I say that alot, but it really does wonders for my mood.)
— “real” friends, whatever that means.  They know who they are.
Those I squeal for when I hear their ring or see their name on the LCD (sometimes outloud,)
those who email me back even if it takes awhile,
those who understand even when *I’m* taking awhile,
those who love me and maybe even tell me every so often,
those who defend me when it’s necessary,
those who make me feel beautiful and intelligent and worthwhile (even just one of those is fine),
those who don’t give up when things seem tough, awkward or uncomfortable,
those who indulge my silly requests,
those who appreciate the risk of choosing vulnerability and have never taken advantage of it,
those who go on road trips (short or long) and sing loudly and don’t make me drive the whole way,
those who invite me to visit their homes and sleep on couches, floors and in their beds– just to spend extra minutes with me (extra points if we lie awake talking until birds start chirping),
those who hug back,
those who share quirky interests or habits,
those who have let me visit places from their past or their soul which are painful (thank you for your trust),
those who read or hear my words with care and understanding,
those who take walks and cook meals with me,
those who let me be sad or grouchy (you are probably more forgiving of me than I am)—

and to think I have know people who have been/are all of these things!

more later.
I just needed to be happy in “public” for a second!


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