the beginning of Spring


This blog feels a bit like it’s in the far left field of my life at the moment.
It’s been so long since I have spent some time here.  I usually at least try to catch up whenever I travel or see an exciting show.  I’ve done both in the past few weeks, but let me rewind . . .

I shall begin by announcing my hatred for spring semester this year.  I don’t know what it is, but the students don’t want to be there and neither do I!  I was busier last year and had more interesting life happenings and yet I was still more motivated to teach.  Well, there isn’t much I can do about it.  And last semester I enjoyed singing in the choir, but this semester (though I still enjoy singing), the social stress is wearing on me.  Lessie, if you ever read this, I am there just for you, babe.  LOL

Needless to say, I was ready for Spring Break.  I enjoyed so much of my time, but given that I was helping my travel companion prepare for an audition, it wasn’t without a sense of tension.  That certainly didn’t affect the quality of my time spent in the city or the shows we saw, but it sure kept him wound tight.  And since we all but ended our time on the trip together on Wednesday, I feel sort of suspended at that time and the rest of the trip seems like another experience altogether.

Before I forget let me outline the week so I can elaborate later . . .
We left Sunday after church.  The drive was beautiful weather-wise (both ways, actually.)  We had dinner with Keith and then took the first of many trips to Dunkin Donuts.  Monday we trekked into the city in my car.  The museum was closed so we goofed around Madame Tussaud’s.  More fun than it sounds and actually, at the time, even worth the inflated admission price! We sat onstage that night at Spring Awakening.  My car acted up on the way home, which became it’s own saga that week.  Good thing I was the houseguest of a former racer. He did most of the work.
We decided to stay and relax in Jersey on Tuesday.  We watched CATS tapes to help Keith choose which performances to compile.  Honestly the rest is a blur of that day.  It involved car worry and hibachi.  Oh, and I think practicing for the audition went well that night.  I packed a bag the next day so I could go to piano bars after the show and crash in the city.  Josh drove Keith’s car in.  We saw Wicked and Les Mis.  (In between we met with Josh and John and ate st Smith’s) My tickets for Les Mis were some of the best I’ve ever had.   Josh left after that.  I guess the stress of the week was too much for him to entertain such spontaneity.  Which was fine. The piano bars were a good time– but I mostly enjoyed getting to be with Josh (other Josh) and John.   I crashed in Harlem.  When we got up we went to eat at Rack and Soul.  yummmm.  Keith and Josh got into the city.  We visited John’s office at City Lights and I got to sing.  Then we headed to Tout va bien to wait for andrew.  They had box seats and we were onstage again for SA.  Friday was long.  Audition, then train bidness, then shitty Red Lobster service . . .  But I had the time of my life that night in the city that night and at the library the next day.

Oh I’ll have to finish the update later.  But I have a sprained foot and a strained everything else from the whole trip.

But the point was– it’s Spring!
I’m not sleeping on the couch for warmth anymore.  YAY!

2 thoughts on “the beginning of Spring

  1. I gotta say you live the most bohemian lifestyle and I love it and I’m so jealous and wish I could do that but I just don’t know if it’s in me.

    As far as Spring semester, it’s not just you and it’s not just your classes. I’ve never been so fed up with school in my life! This is, honestly, the first semester ever that I just don’t care. It has nothing to do with my classes or my professors, it’s just me. I am so done with classes, so done with school, done! Maybe we can chalk it up to the insane weather patterns. At least then it gives us something to blame it on!

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