First Celebrity Crush


Who was your first celebrity crush?
Submitted by Glory.

I think it’s safe to say John Travolta.

I even named my first pet after him (a goldfish).

There were two goldfish actually, the other I named Heidi– budding little narcissist that I was.

Not too long after I owned “Sport & Shave Ken” . . . Do you not think they look suspiciously similar? hmmmmmm.

And by that I mean to imply both that it is probably why I wanted the doll, and also that Mattel may have not done that without intention.

And in case you are curious exactly “how” Sport & Shave Ken worked, here is the box illustration showing how to “shave” John- er, I mean Ken.

The “sport” part was that he was jointed at the waist.
So he could play tennis, of course.


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