Always a reluctant return!


I am back from my trip.  It never gets easier for me to come back from Manhattan.  In some way, it has always been home for me.  Love it or hate, there just isn’t anywhere else on the planet I feel more comfortable.  And I hate that, because living there would require sacrifices I’ve never been willing to make.  Instead I keep accumulating things and people, all of which I would lose.  I fear someday I will finally decide to do so and leave it all behind and that’s a little scary.

But anyway, the trip itself was good.  Despite having at one time had quite a group of people willing to go along, I was desperate in the end to not go alone.  Thankfully, even so, I managed to round up two takers, one of which had to stay home at the last minute.  Whew.  I always promise to elaborate more on things, so I won’t make that promise now . . .  But the quick recap begins with me packing the Subaru full of things that I had to return to New Jersey– things I had borrowed when I was doing CATS a year ago! We left almost immediately upon getting to New Jersey for the city.  We saw Spelling Bee Friday night.  On Saturday I grabbed tickets to Spring Awakening and Standing Room tickets for the revival of Les Mis. I broke.  Even though I have tickets in March to see it, being there, I just couldn’t wait.  Sunday morning we got up, went to mass, and then headed down to Philly to catch the last stop on the new Goodspeed tour of Pippin. It was especially worthwhile- the arrangements were stunning!

And of course, I ate waaaay too much food.  We had dinner both nights at Tout Va Bien.  God help me, I love bistro food.  And I couldn’t resist a late stop on the way home at Panera in Frederick.

We also saw people from home randomly! First, Micah, and then the Thompsons.  It’s always so surreal to have that happen.

Well, I’ve got pictures, just a few.  But they are on my camera which is in my car.  And it’s way cold.
I know, because I spent last night on a mountain stoking a wood fire.


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