and the lion will lie down with the lamb . . .


This may appear an ordinary photograph, but it is in no way as mundane as it appears.  My friend, Anna, knowing these animals, has already accused me of photoshop fraudulence.  The calico cat you see in the foreground is beautiful, but one of the most hateful, cantankerous animals you would ever encounter.  She growls like a wolf and never misses an opportunity to hiss at anything that moves past her.  So, why is she spooning the dog?!!
That question is not rhetorical!  If you have either intentionally or unwittingly put an enchantment on this animal, please let me know.  We will pay you if the behavior could continue.  And you would be even more greatly compensated if you could get her to stop pooping in the upstairs hallway.

The photo both warms and confuses my heart in a way that almost every aspect of my life does these days.  I so want to be hopeful- the warmth, but fear the consequences of acting accordingly- the confusion.  I have even attempted to reconcile with friends while the wounds were still deep enough to keep me desiring a safe hibernation beneath million thread count sheets with a teddy bear, a journal, and an appropriately stocked ipod.  But, no no, I left my house.  (Though I wonder how long I might have remained home or if I would have experienced the same degree of commitment to swift dialogue if we didn’t have theatre tickets for Tuesday.) The hope of better days felt good.  I guess it’s difficult to be sad or insightful in a crowded Denny’s, and consequently much of the conversation felt surprisingly normal.  It wasn’t like a week was long enough for an estrangement that would leave you with nothing to speak of but the matter at hand.  So, now I still have questions and pain that doesn’t even make good sense to me yet.  But at least we have tried, and I can hope that will can overcome the obstacles that may still linger, especially since not all of intra-group dust has settled.  Another friend is out of town.  Another gave up before the resolution even began, it seems.  But other friendships are reaping a terrific harvest from the stress-free, time-available holiday!  And that, is good news.


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