Careful the wish you make . . .


I did a silly thing.  On December 30, right here, I said, ” All I have to say is tomorrow better kick butt. ”
I don’t believe the common understanding of that phrase is understood by the universe.
Apparently, it takes things a little more literally.  Okay, maybe not entirely or I would have bruises on my rear,
but New Year’s Eve, rather than kicking butt, kicked my ass.
I cried so hard I think I lost brain cells, and I can’t afford that.
I’ll spare the details, or at least save them for a later post in my livejournal which, now that I post all my coherent and less dramatic details here, I affectionately refer to as my “whinejournal.”  (Sorry, faithful LJ friends list.)

I am planning a lengthy summary post of last year, but it’s taking so much research and emotional energy that by the time I finish I fear it won’t feel necessary.  If that happens, it will just have to be okay.
2006 tasted good going down, but boy is it heartburn now.

As far as resolutions go, I am not trying to evade personal responsibility, if anything I have more goals for this year than I usually do.  But resolutions so often come off as “ways i’ve been shitty in the past,” and at this moment I am a little tired of beating myself up.   Hell, maybe I’ll write some resolutions for the rest of the world.

I honestly appreciate how good my life truly is.  My problems are bee stings not broken bones.
But it could be raining gold coins and so many people would be bitching ’cause they don’t have a platinum umbrellas instead of thanking God and filling their pockets.

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