So, if this were the last day of 2006, I’d be bummed.
It’s been boring.  (Wait I lied.  I did have a good hour or so when I went to lunch with Jennie, but the visit was too short!) I complained about being stranded in the boonies, but I kind of wish I had waited out my illness and stayed there to spend time with family, see movies, go to the Blackfriars, track down old friends (Brentie, I miiiiiiiisss you) . . .

All I have to say is tomorrow better kick butt.  I have no clue what I am doing, who I will see, where I will go– but it better be good.
I’ll probably go to mass in the morning and then, who knows.  If it’s warm I might take my journal to the park.  If it decides to be winter I will go to a movie or shop at the mall.  And then I will have to make a decision about where to end up for the official end of 2006.  No one I know seems really settled on any definite plan, so I can’t base it on who I want to be with really.  But I am game to play it all by ear and accept whatever comes my way, even if it means coming home to my GameCube.  Lame, I know.  But I have found lately that the harder I try to plan or make things happen, the more resistance I receive.
OH, and I am watching part of the mountain outside my house burn.
That photo was just taken from my porch.

And though this will make no sense to anyone really.  I was obsessed with grabbing this photo of Monna’s cat, Ollie.He’s a fancy pants and there was a very real danger someone would get eaten trying to take this photograph, but it was worth the risk.  On December I went to dinner with some friends and ended up seeing a local Christmas musical  at the Embassy Theatre.  If  any of you (Danny, Josh or Jackie) see this you will understand what I was saying when I insisted that the Yeti trap for the elves was, in fact, an incredibly large himalayan cat. The other highlight was that the children in the play traveled to and from the north pole in what we alternately referred to as a pea pod and a giant pistachio.  I have no idea what that was actually supposed to be.
But Olivia’s brother was cute enough.  And chatting with Mark is always entertaining.


3 thoughts on “boooo-ring

  1. I tried out Vox for a couple of days, but with a journal here and two blogs on my own webhost, it was too much.

    You might consider trying out having your own hosted blog. It’s not that expensive (I can even get you a discount at Dreamhost), and is so much more rewarding and fun.

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