A List


Specifically, this is a list with no theme.

1. The numbers are just here to give me the illusion that I am going to remember everything I have neglected to say over the past few weeks.
2. Over the Thanksgiving break two of my elderly uncles were injured in a serious car accident.  They are both doing well now.  I will spare everyone the details, but let’s just say I left my house with a Bible and some anointing oil. Nothing like near tragedy to turn one abruptly back into a minister.
3. I am having a love/hate relationship with absolutely everyone I know right now.  It is making my life hurtful and confusing at a time when I least want it to be. It’s the holidays, dammit.
4. Random TMI for this evening- I am getting dancer feet and I haven’t even been dancing.  I should get good socks.  It’s not athlete’s foot, but it wants to be.  So I just finished washing my feet and slathering them in anti-fungal cream as a preventative measure.
5. I have approximately 40 freshman papers, all of their portfolios, 40 religion tests and 20 final projects to grade throughout the next week.  I need a real job that pays real money for doing the real work.
6. Last week I made two trips out of town to see musicals!  Both were stressing me out initially, as I was worried about the weather.  The weather turned out fine in both cases.

7. The Wonderful Town tour that I saw in Morgantown was truly decent.  I didn’t have great expectations.  It’s dated, read: sexist. But it’s cute and pretty nonthreatening at this point in time since anyone wishing for “a quiet girl” just seems a little goofy.  There was a full band onstage which made it lively and it’s Leonard Bernstein, so there is at least some good music.  Though I have now had the “Wrong Note Rag” stuck in my head on and off for a full week.

8. And after 11 years most people are probably sick of hearing about RENT, but it’s still a great experience when you are sitting in the theatre. And frankly, the touring cast right now is great overall. I could go in for a long review, but maybe another time.  The crowd was so incredibly small at the Lyric Opera House on Sunday.  It felt strange at first, but the audience was so lively and in the end it made for a really intimate show.
9. Last week was busy and stressful and part of it was knowing that we may not make it to the theatre in time on Sunday.  As it turns out, we were blessed.  The choir concert did all it could to make us late– didn’t start on time, had an intermission, included random chat from the director and some other lady, had to sing one song through twice for no good reason . . . . and that darn “children, go where I send thee” is one of the lengthiest arrangements of anything ever. . . We ended up leaving ten minutes after my “oh my god we have to leave by this time” time.  But the drive was clear, weather was good- and even with minor directional and traffic issues- we made it JUST in time to go to the restroom and plop into our fabulous seats.  I was so relieved.  I just hope the others had a good time.  I know Jordan did, cuz he said so, and we cried like babies.  🙂
10. Monday I had a “date” with another friend and it was such a fun night.  We ate plate after plate of Chinese food, shopped and had coffee curled up by a Christmas tree.  Very necessary for my life at the time.
11. And then, my volunteer efforts began.  A student of mine organized a community event where we gathered clothing and toys and coats- anything really- and then opened up a “Free” store for the holidays.  I was up late getting it set up and then we stayed open for three days instead of two because we kept getting donations.  It was so worthwhile.  And I got to hang out and enjoy time with people I wouldn’t normally find myself around.  It just felt like such a normal thing, and reminded me how much I love doing work in the community.
12. So, here I sit, rattling on.  Oh, any day now I will be doing my posting from the comfort of my couch.  We finally broke down and ordered a laptop!!

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