A list of women’s organization to consider donating to.


I just made these suggestions to mabjustmab and thought I may as well post them as well!

Having just celebrated Thanksgiving *ahem* the native American population is on my mind and this is a cool organization for women. It’s called Mending the Sacred Hoop.  And they have a cool name, too.  🙂


And, I always have a personal soft spot for the AIDS community . . . and World AIDS Day is just around the corner.  Plus, this is local for you . . .


These folks are working their pretty little tushies off to help make up for the money that the government withdrew from the organization.  I give them crazy amounts of credit.


And this doesn’t go to directly helping women, but education is paramount in the struggle.  And, well, museums are groovy.  I would really love for them to someday have a permanent physical site in the capital.


Otherwise, it is always satisfying to help someone personally.  You might consider going to a shelter and asking someone to help you make an anonymous donation to a family they know well that is struggling during the holiday season.

And while I am on the subject, I am still a little tee’d that there is not an Equal Rights Amendment for women.
So, if you live nearby, go to meetings or whatever.

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