It Makes Me Nostalgic


Show us something that makes you nostalgic.   How ’bout a few things?

I miss the old herbal essences shampoo design.  (I actually do like their newest logo.)
But I long for the clear bottle with the o-so-70’s wavy haired bohemian lady and the leprechaun green liquid inside.

*sigh* vintage packaging=nostalgia

But let’s not forget ‘tales of a fourth grade feminist.’

I mounted a Mondale/Ferraro campaign in the fourth grade gifted program at KPMS that would have revolutionized America.
In fact, in our elementary school poll, they won the election.
How did I brainwash four grades of rural WV spawn to vote Democrat,
and with a female running mate . . . the world may never know. . .

And then there are old photos from college plays.

There you have it.  Real Nostalgia.

Now, I am a person fairly prone to nostalgia as well as the sentimental behavior and melancholy that may accompany it.

That said, college, especially my theatre life there, trigger the spectrum of good and bad feelings held within the essence of “nostalgia.”  First, I am a little sad those times are past.  Then, I am bursting with unspeakable gratitude for all the people and experiences I was given.  And of course, beyond sad and happy, there’s a little guilt that I can’t or don’t contact so many people in my life that were so absolutely vital to my existence at that particular time.


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