home. and tired.


A quick trip down one day and back the next
to visit in the Shenandoah Valley was over in a blink,
but I feel emotionally and physically like I was gone for at least a week.
That is not fair. 
Really all of life feels like such a mixed bag.
The little cactus here reminded me of the constant tension we live in.
There are a thousand ways to decribe the contradictions, so it’s surely universal.

But on the little seesaw, I like to end with more the sweet taste lingering. . .

Thus I feel a thorn is as
beautiful as the rose, for it is
the thorn that defends the rose
and allows us to view the rose
from an intuitive perspective. ”   Copyright 2004 Bhuwan Thapaliya

But I really inspected the cactus because I was drawn by this grasshopper.
The poor thing was caught in the clay pot. 
After I rescued it, I took the liberty of capturing its portrait.

I returned home to a box on the porch containing one of my birthday presents.
My birthday isn’t until October 30th– but Kevin can’t wait.
He hates waiting to get gifts and apparently is equally disturbed by waiting to give them.  It drives him nuts.

This collection is really amazing.  The packaging is nifty (full size piano keys with the Bosendorfer logo on either end), but the book that accompanies the cds is also high quality.  If you don’t have all the all the cds and don’t want to drop serious cash on them, the collection is only $50 and all the selections are well chosen.  But it also has enough new workings of the material to justify it even if you do have the original albums.

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