heidi & mark
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So a fair number of weeks ago, it would appear I dropped off the face of the earth. It feels like I did and into a black hole called the Embassy Theatre. I have been drowning in the kit kat klub. The show has gotten better and I may actually enjoy the final week or so of shows!
The accompanying photo I bring as proof of my recent whoredom.

And now, I must run once again. It is my day of freedom before returning to the grind and I am off to my couch to eat nasty food and watch ‘The Libertine.’


4 thoughts on “CABARET

  1. Aw, you look great!

    Have fun with The Libertine, the best feelbad movie ever. We saw it in the theater and had to come home and research it to make sure the projector wasn’t malfunctioning, that it was supposed to be grainy and out of focus. :0)

    I liked the movie, but damn.

  2. Hey!

    Congrats on the show! You rock!

    I removed you from my Friends list. I decided not to use the Friends feature anymore. It is not personal. I will check in from time to time!


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