Originally uploaded by ropedancer.

This picture makes me feel clean and cool.
At the moment, I am neither. lol

I desperately want to have time to sit and upload pictures from last week and to write about things–
but I am swinging back into ‘o shit i am busy’ mode.
So we get this- pictures of ponds and my complaining about
It was the first day of rehearsals for ‘Cabaret,’ and despite being told we were doing a read through, for me, it was a full out dance rehearsal. So I danced in jeans and sandals.
For over three hours.
Not good.
Then after grabbing a bite to eat we went on a walk. And let me tell you, walks for us are at least two hours up and down hills.
So, yeah, I need a shower and a cool place to rest mah head!


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