motel silhouette


motel silhouette
Originally uploaded by ropedancer.

i guess updates are in order, so as to not become entirely removed from my own interior as well as the online world.
i went on a nice little trip last weekend to see andrea in the opera at towson. the weather was spazzy so i took my car and we pitched in for a room to avoid crappy weather + night driving. after driving there and then sitting through a 3 hour performance we quickly realized we made the right decision. I could NOT have stayed seated for another few hours. nononono
and it resulted in that really cool picture of josh. it makes me happy.

aaaaand. holy week is giving me a headache. church in general really. ugh. why?!!!!!!!! i had to go to a meeting tonight and let’s just say there is way too much structure for such a spindly organization. i miss quakers.
can we all just be quiet and make decisions by consensus? yes, please.
i’m even thinking of getting a job singing or working at another church in Cumberland to avoid the stress of my home congregation and all its drama and my family politics. and then there’s love feast . . .with all this turmoil i don’t feel spiritually prepared for it anyway. that’s not an excuse, that’s the truth!

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