my mama’s birthday!


this cold front, crazy wind and rain, etc. is making me batty. weather gods, tease me not with warmth and sunshine and then . . . . this. growllllll.

and yesterday was t-totally bizarre. i taught in the morning, picked up chinese and watched brokeback mountain. then i took a nap which made me forget the entire morning as i recounted my day late last night. after my nap i had to go to dinner with my parents and one of their many adopted misfit children. apparently i wasn’t enough drama for them, they have to save the world. it was actually quite nice. and then, i trudged off to a meeting at church. normally i love the lenten/easter season, but this year i am feeling blah and wishing i could go somewhere where everything is so highly ritualized that you don’t have to think. meh. to top it off there was a car alarm going off in the alley from 10pm-6:30am. I called the police and they did nothing. sleep was pretty fitful with a beeping every 25 seconds.

i’ve been back into enneagram studies lately after abandoning them when the topic got all pop-psych on me. that seems to have simmered down some. wel, maybe not but i went back to more hard-core personality theory and the break from it seems to have refreshed my mind.

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