me and my CATS collage

and i lived to tell the tale.
after the show ended i promptly got seriously ill.
i’m still recovering from the show and the nasty whatever-it-was.

so i am back in the real world now–
i even got cell phone service again in celebration.
so iffins you want that number just shoot me an email.

i should be around more now, in general.

I will post lots of pictures as soon as I beg borrow and steal them.
I didn’t have time to take a single shot.
I was mostly holed up in the makeup room detailing cat faces.

Luckily one of the most wonderful people in the entire world
decided to compile a ton of photos into gi-normous collages for myself and the
choreographer. I am very grateful.


6 thoughts on “THANK GOD IT’S’S OVER

  1. wow! congrats…
    Tell me more about the production. I am working with my students on Into the Woods, jr. I want to kill most of them right now, by the way!

    Shoot me your phone number– I am heading east this summer and who knows where I will end up!


    love ya–
    oh, your pics from godspell on flickr are awesome

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