mini hello


tugger chorus
Originally uploaded by ropedancer.

I’m cold and running around on the internet like a blame fool. I’ve got so much to do I don’t know where to go next, so I am compulsively visiting the same websites over and over.

there’s a happy little photo of where my life’s been lately.

damn CATS.
It’s fun. Truly.
But I am tired,
and wishing for moment I was doing Sweeney Todd.

Or at least knew where I could phone Mrs. Mooney to unload some CATS . . .

“Mrs. Mooney has a pie shop,
Does a business, but I notice something weird —
Lately all her neighbors’ cats have disappeared.

Have to hand it to her —
Wot I calls
Popping pussies into pies.
Wouldn’t do in my shop —
Just the thought of it’s enough to make you sick.
And I’m telling you them pussy cats is quick.”

7 thoughts on “mini hello

  1. Sigh..i love Sweeny Todd, so do my kids..i have an old tape of Angela Lansbury in it..maybe it really wasn’t a great play to show my little kids..I’m a terrible mother:)

    Love that outfit, funny..somehow, i actually remember people dressing like that in the 80’s or early 90’s…or maybe it was too much MTV…

  2. I love CATS so much, I can’t even tell you. Hubz has only seen it once, and that was because someone I knew was performing in it and Hubz was SO excited to go and see the show with someone we knew. His performance was terrific and we went back stage to meet him and Hubz is such an excited fan! It’s really cute.

    As for me, I love love LOVE the costumes and the movements of everyone on stage. If I wasn’t so round and crippled up with my knees, I’d want to live in one of those costumes! LOL I guess I could be a female Old Deuteronomy, but of course I’d rather be lithe and nimble again. But I play the music here and close my eyes and I can do it. And it just makes me happy. All those cats on stage make me happy!

    Note: the first time I saw CATS on Broadway, my favorite kitty had just died at the hands of a bad vet. Hearing the song ‘Memory” nearly put me away. I could not stop crying during that performance. Of course, I was sitting with a girlfriend who hated cats, and it was hysterical watching the two of us watching the show! LOL She did like it, but of course it didn’t touch her the way it did me.

    That’s it. 🙂

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