premiere post


I believe this will be my first post for the new year–
I have put it off until I could do so with some intent.

My wacky week continued when a tiny dog followed my fatherIL
into the house new year’s eve AM.  It was unmistakably a pure jack russell terrier,
and it had been out running for days.
It’s immaculate coat and lobbed tail were marred by some seriously dry
and cracked skin from the weather and it was moving very stiffly.
We did what we could to locate an owner, but it had been seen running the neighborhood for almost a week.
That afternoon we had it checked at an emergency vet clinic.  Pricey.
but it was the humane thing to do.  We wanted to be sure there wasn’t some serious
reason for the skin condition and slow movement– a potential reason it might have dumped.
But there was nothing obviously or terribly wrong with the dog.
Just hungry, chapped and tired from the elements and adventure he’d been on.
The teeth and ears had been well maintained.  He’s probably around 5 years old, not fixed.
And more importantly, my husband fell in love with him.
Maybe I should say he fell in love with my husband– because he followed him everywhere.
Do I need to mention we brought him home?

It didn’t help that Kev has been asking for a dog and we had been looking at breeds on the internet last week . . . .
He has his flaws (the whole pissing everywhere thing,) but is amazingly well behaved and subdued for any terrier.
Hence his apropos t-shirt from the Mart de Wal:

Oh, I didn’t say that we stayed in Virginia longer than we had planned– after getting 15 minutes out of town we decided to go back and spend
New Year’s in order to convince Kevin’s parents to attend a function of Lester’s family . . . he doesn’t see them very often . . . they are rural and ma-in-law is not especially fond of them . . . .
So we spent the evening at the Sangerville Ruri-tan.  Potluck (I only ate what we took and what was store bought. heh.) and BINGO.

Yes, bingo.
A quarter per 3-card game.  All proceeds going to pay for the hall and future family functions.
Winners to pick from a prize table, laden with all manner of, well, interesting goods.
Kevin won 10 games.  no shit.
I have a soup cookbook, a xmas teddy bear, talking bottle opener, chocolate covered cherries, and a rhinestone necklace to prove it.
I believe the rest of his prizes he gave to his grandma, a rather stern woman lugging an oxygen tank.
Some plum jam and a crystal church ornament are all I remember.
The whole affair was, well, interesting.

We arrive back home only to realize that Jack and Baby had a knock-down-drag-out, bite-neck-scratch-eye FIGHT.
Mom said Baby’s eye was only half open.
More specifically it was swelled shut and oozing.
But it’s looking better.  Today I wrestled her down (at great bodily risk) and soothed it with a warm teabag.
She has cleaned it and it is now obviously a gash (probably from one of Jack’s back claws.)
We weren’t sure what had happened until I found a giant tooth puncture under Jack’s chin,
with all the hair licked off within an inch radius.
We’ll most likely take them to the vet later this week to be sure they are totally on the mend.


4 thoughts on “premiere post

  1. The new dogbaby is dangerously cute! Good thing the hubby/dogling bond is strong–that’ll get you out of no end of sometimes gruesome dog chores. Repeat after me:

    “He only wants YOU to do that.”

    “He won’t LET me do that to him.”

    Besides, it sounds like you have more than your usual handful with cat strife. Ugh, poor babies. Do you think they just freaked from stress or do they normally fight sometimes?

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