Allow me to OWN it!


I just blabbed all over sabeelah‘s journal.

still awake . . . because it’s hard to sleep when my-so-called-government
is about to commit murder.
and they keep inappropriately using the English language,
ie. using JUSTICE where VENGEANCE is what they are talking about.
I loooove how right-wing Christians NEVER quote the Hebrew Bible until
they need to justify some kind of violence, Any other time it’s
Jesus-this and Jesus-that, but NOOOOOOoooo not when it really matters.

and now it’s been done. confirmed.
“carried out.”

And what, God help us, if he really was innocent of those murders.

One thought on “Allow me to OWN it!

  1. oh dear, you just reminded me that this happened. how horrible. any death sentence is pretty horrible. and you’re totally right about the selective quotations by the right-wingers. i was an english major, i totally know how you make the text support your argument, but see, i wasn’t responsible for the life or death of another person.

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