holiday me


holiday me 2
Originally uploaded by ropedancer.

Last night I volunteered to help the Friends of the Library with the Christmas parade festivities. I was a sidewalk hot cocoa barista. lol.

Then we went to get my most favorite chimichanga to warm up. The picture is me as we were rushing back out into the blustery evening. There are, of course, more over on the flickr site if you follow the linky.

I’ve become more a’bustle than I had planned this holiday. Today I got roped into working the door at the local Holiday Festival for two hours. Not a big deal, but somehow if I only have one thing to do in a day it manages to eat up my entire day. The only problem with that is it slows down the “tail assembly.” (You know, that whole CATS production thang. Way to dominate my life, oh gods of the theatre.)

Okay, gotta run and eat my oh-so-yummy steak sub. Local authentic Italian restaurants rock my world.


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