I almost never get a chance to upload and use my flippin’ flickr account these days.
BUT whenever I do, it seems it is having it’s quaint little “massage.”

I watched Spanglish twice in a row tonight (without and with commentary.)
#1 I was working on Bombalurina’s tail and needed to get it finished and
#2 I think it’s a fine movie, overshadowed last year partially by that overrated piece of shit “Sideways.”

I sound bitter about both, but I’m not.
I am just distracted by the stomach flu that has attacked my extended family
and which I am praying I don’t get–
Though the rumbly in my tumbly does not leave me optimistic.
I am probably a little nervous about the week, too, so maybe that’s it.
I will be in and out with gram since her would be companion for the week
(while mom and dad are out of town for papa’s back surgery)
is refusing to enter the germ ridden house
(can’t blame her really.)

And in case the time stamp doesn’t reveal it,
I must announce that I have my days and nights mixed up again.


10 thoughts on “oh WHATevER

  1. I’ve determined that Sideways, while ok, is much better if you’re drinking while watching. Preferably Bud Light, out of the can, the whole 12 pack.
    Good luck working on those costumes.

  2. I completely agree with you about both movies. It amazed me that Sideways got the acclaim it did. Maybe it amazed me because I’m not a wine drinker, I don’t know. But I loved Spanglish a lot.

  3. I’m not a fan of Spanglish at all. I think it’s because the trailers insinuated that the storyline revolved around Adam Sandler’s character with the spanish gal as a supporting role. And in fact, it was reversed. I never end up liking movies when trailers completely mislead me like that.

  4. The charm of Sideways was lost on me, too. I can’t stand either of the lead actors so that didn’t help, nor did knowing that the movie sent the yuppie hoardes into a frenzy of wine tasting pretention, as though wine tasting needed to be more of a Thing (love wine, hate the pose, btw).

    Hope you escape the flu. Eat lots of yogurt and wash your hands compulsively.

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