i’m hungry—


but not in the mood to eat.
this is a new feeling. my life involves alot more of the opposite–
eating when i am not even hungry.  lol.


yesterday she hopped onto the couch and thrust her entire body into
this stale bag of chips, emerged with a fist-full,
and thrust them all at once into her mouth.
since i have no children of my own to obsess over,
i live in constant fear that the only variety in her diet
are the different colors of m&ms.

then we went to the halloween party,
where during mom’s story

she decided to milk the “cow!”

regretfully, this is the only photo I have of the incident, since by the time she began
–tugging– and –pulling– on the udders, I was laughing
entirely too hard to continue with photo documentation.

anyway, i uploaded dozens of pictures over at flickr of all the Halloween goodness.


4 thoughts on “i’m hungry—

  1. I was laughing
    entirely too hard to continue with photo documentation.

    This is one of the hazards of trying to record childhood moments on ‘film’. I have this problem all of the time… and it frustrates the photographer in me, though the Mum-mum in me just rolls with it and has fun telling the story to anyone who will listen.

    There are also alot of blurry pictures of my daughter, because of the fact that even when I can get to working the camera, I am still shaking too much with laughter. “Sports” settings are a godsend when trying to capture images of children with a high amusement factor.

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