Birthday dinner and cake. check.


Birthday day isn’t officially until tomorrow, but we had dinner and cake tonight.
It was me, Kev, mom, daddy, dad’s three sisters and my cousin, Heather.

We had German food at a Mexican restaurant.
not joking.   only in West Virginia.
But before you laugh too hard you should know
it is some of the best German food I have ever eaten–
and I am quite the German food lover and connoisseur.
We just have very few restaurants in town, so this one often does celebration of
different kinds, apparently not just Cinco de Mayo anymore.

Just before we left we received mail for the second time today . . .
apparently our mail carrier is tripping out.
In this batch I received a card from my in-laws with a very gracious
donation to the Heidi birthday fund and a
surprise package from the terribly sweet vitreous_fish
despite the fact that I let hers and Whit’s birthday’s blow past me
like an overloaded semi.  (Moving does strange things to you.
For me, I have not yet adjusted to new post office, etc.
I have sent little mail, though it’s probably a lot easier than in Bloomington.)
On to the gratitude—
it’s a yummy fragrance, very well suited to me.
I am quite the cocoa/vanilla girl.
I guess I just like smelling like a bakery.
I saw it said “Vanilla Cake Batter”  and thought,
“Ah, I love vanilla.”  *mist*mist*
They weren’t kidding.  It was all I could do not to lick myself.
Anyway, thank you my darling!!!!

(BTW, I am so glad you are using the molds and powders we ordered last year.
It’s such a cool project.   I actually know where my skulls are and plan on making an
altar with them tomorrow!  I’ll be sure to post pictures.  *hugs*)

After dinner, I bought a new pair of black pants and am now going to pay online
visits to Old Navy and Amazon to procure the rest of my goodies!


12 thoughts on “Birthday dinner and cake. check.

  1. We only have one German restaurant around here that I know of, and from what I hear it’s not authentic. It’s good, though, and they always have a polka band playing. It’s one of my favorite restaurants.

    Oh, and Happy Birthday!! Hope it’s a good one.

  2. Yay! And you’re welcome! And more birthday vibes!

    I thought of you and your favorite yum at Maggie Moo’s when I saw/smelled that stuff. 🙂

    And can you believe it’s been TWO years since we first did the skull thang? I need to send you one of the molds… The 4th and 5th grade kids at UU had a great time decorating the skulls this morning. Day of the Dead rocks.

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