It’s late, but the good news is . . .


That I dismantled my keyboard, cleaned it out, and can now comfortably use the “C” key.

Tonight I have learned that I don’t actually have to contact everyone from my past
that occasionally skipsto the front of my memory.
In fact, google is your friend.
Use it.
Find out where they are and as long as there is some tangible info or a photo from the past year,
roleplay a little greeting in your head, imagine giving them a big hug,
bookmark the page with the juicy bits, location or contact info
just in case the little ritual does not leave you satisfied and in a month you discover you simply MUST be in touch.

I devised this method of greeting my angels and demons because:
a) it would be irresponsible of me to contact so many someones and falsely give them the impression that I
would be able to cultivate and maintainuseful long distance friendships with all of them.

b) there are already a number of people that i already would like to be MORE in touch with and would like to keep that a realistic possibility.
Layton’s non-sense pie chart theory of relationships has never made more sense.

c) some of the demons *really* don’t deserve the time my psyche would like to devote to them.
Why do we continually gravitate to people who either treat is like shit or are otherwise less deserving of our affections than others?

So this strange “Bookmarks” folder is my sort of continual recapitulation.
(Reference is to a concept I learned about in Taisha Abelar’s “The Sorcerer’s Crossing.”)
Actually, here’s a definition of sorts:

“Recapitulation is an exercise to recall, review, release, and recharge energy. It rids a person of assumptions and preconceptions. It frees locked energy and restores balance. The Toltec’s believe the body to be a field of energy constantly affected by other fields of energy. The idea is that all of your experiences have been stored inside your energy fields. Recapitulation is remembering or more precisely, reviving events and experiences. It happens naturally at the moment of death. Some describe it as our life passing before our eyes. To do this, body remembering, of or own volition, restores our energy field. ”

I give you this because googling this word will likely get you the biogenetic theory about your organs actually being those of your ancestors as you developing embryonically.  ?!!
wtf.  And I thought *I* was floofy.

And here’s a helpful more nuts and bolts description of the real process:
“The method of the recapitulation is to make a careful list of all the persons we have come in contact with in our lives; this is a formidable task. Personally, we have found it staggering to remember every person we have met in our lives! When we were asked to do this we believed it was impossible. We were told then that once this list was made, if ever, we had to take the first person on the list, which goes from the present to the day we were born, and examine all the interactions we had and everything related to that interaction. In other words, we were told that we had to relive every experience, and that our list was a device to aid our recollection. ”

jimminy, enough babbling about memory and sorcery, you say.

melancholic, and not in a good way. damn this rain.
okay, i am going to curl up in bed with an early birthday present.
I demanded and graciously received the book of the musical, Wicked.


3 thoughts on “It’s late, but the good news is . . .

  1. Funny, I’ve been revisiting some of my past via google. Especially, since announcing that big change in my life.

    I loved reading “The Sorcerer’s Crossing”. I haven’t read it in a while but some of the concepts in that book I still practice today. It’s really influenced the way I observe other people and my interactions with them.

    Thanks for posting this.

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