Cold, wet and totally thrilled


On Saturday my daddy and I went to see Paul McCartney.
And it was so cold and wet all day.
And we decided to stand in the rain at the loading dock,
having nothing better to do.
Two hours later Paul rolled by,
literally and quickly in his crazy hybrid lexus.
We were up on a platform and right at his eye level–
he was just about 4-5 feet from us.
We were foolish drowned rats with silly grins
and our thumbs in the air.

And the concert was amazing.
He was in great voice, and his already talented band
was even better than last time (they are singing more now.)
Paul did sooo many old Beatles tunes, too.

The day lingers with me.
Who ever said you can only get sick from germs is a fool.
All that wind and rain . . .
I have the greatest head cold I’ve ever had,
and proud of it!


4 thoughts on “Cold, wet and totally thrilled

  1. oh what fun! One of the last tours he did with Linda was when I decided I had to go and see him. I spent so much money that year. I saw him at Madison Square Garden and in Worcester, MA and again at Foxboro, MA. I think it’s great that he’s still going strong.

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