An update overdue.


inlaws guest room
Spent the weekend in the Valley.
Ate Huuuuuge breakfasts.
I slept there.
In the room that once belonged to swissbuddha growing up, but is now one of the many decorating guinea pigs in the household.

On the way home I decided to take some pictures of thsi cabin.
I took a few, but didn’t get to close.

scary cabin spider
This fellow didn’t look too welcoming.
Not to mention I wasn’t dressed for adventuring.

black butterfly
orange butterfly
Then I snagged some photos in my parent’s garden.

messy studio 1
Now I am sitting at this computer and wondering when my studio will be the unpacked acceptable kind of messy. The “I am making art, get outta my way” messy, and not this “I don’t know where anything is and couldn’t work in here if I did” messy.

tv toddler 2
Check out that profile– all nose and tummy. I lurrrve it.


5 thoughts on “An update overdue.

  1. The last time I took photos of a cabin like that, I did get too close, and stepped on something that moved. I still have, somewhere, the blurry print of the picture I was taking when I levitated about ten feet, yelled “SNAKE!” and teleported back to the road.

    Good times . . . ! 🙂

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