but tomorrow i have the day off.
and perhaps then I will update, and catch up on other’s journals, too.

actually, i have had some down time but have been pouring over
the third season of ‘six feet under.’
street date is tuesday, so i have had to cram it in before then.
and in case you didn’t hear, ‘white noise’ sucked. it’s true.
interesting subject, EVP,
but very wretched movie.

eh. more tomorrow.
and pictures, too,
i my damn flickr pro account ever goes through.
there’s a delay if you pay by paypal . . .


One thought on “gah.

  1. ohmygod, white noise sucked so bad. kris (partner) and i went to see it because we were so interested in EVP, but all it did was take a subject that is incredible cool in reality and turned it into this ghosty media-pleasing shock film. bleh. it wasn’t even scary, it was just lame.

    that is all.

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