Nurture, originally uploaded by ropedancer.

Called mama and gram bright and early yesterday morning . . .
Made this collage many moons ago as a meditation in seminary. Just felt like putting it here today.
Roughly the photos are of:
Becky, Emily and myself being clowns on the porch swing, next to my favorite photo of my maternal great gram laughing uproariously. I like it because she is so full of joy when she had so many reasons not to be at the time!
Bottom left to right. Me as a toddler with the same great gram as the photo from the 20’s. Me with her daughter, my gram hugging me in the chair. Me with my 3 first cousins– all girls, dad’s sister’s children. Me with dad’s mom. My knee and elbow have big ole bangages from a nasty Catholic School game of Greek dodge ball. Mama and me at the centennial. All the ladies above that are me (with the poodle head), my dad’s sisters, 2 first cousins, dad’s mama and her mother, and my mom. That photo and the one of me with the bandages were taken at 2 of my church’s yearly mother /daughter banquets held annually right around mother’s day . . . I think that’s why scanning this in came to mind in the first place!


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