the joys of a sleep disorder


*i* don’t have sleep apnea.
but i do attempt to sleep in proximity to someone who does.
and it’s making us both homicidal.
okay, maybe just irritable.
but day after day of irritiablity may one day lead to greater and more terrifying things.
so, grouchy mcgrouch, after an unsuccessul nap, just went to retrieve a machine that will,
we are hopeful, create sleep where there has been none.

it costs a grand, and we aren’t yet assured that our insurance will cover any of it.
the dang thing better do it’s job– that’s ALLLLL i got to say.

all i want right now is pizza and two hours of trashy movie watching.


2 thoughts on “the joys of a sleep disorder

  1. my husband doesn’t seem to stop breathing in the middle of things, but he does snore something fierce. I, as a light sleeper, sometimes have trouble getting to sleep. eek! I feel your pain!

  2. Is he getting a C-Pap machine? I use a Bi-pap myself, though I don’t have sleep apnea. The machine itself will take some getting used to, but I hope it helps. I got mine on a rent-to-own plan, and my insurance (I had Blue Cross/Blue Shield) paid for most of it. I paid a monthly co-pay of about $38 for about a year. Without insurance, it would have been over $200 a month. I hope your insurance covers it.

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