paranoid much?


sorry if i freaked anyone out whose pregnant or has a baby with my “jeepers, my friend’s baby is dead.” post.
not that they were ever funny or anything, but I won’t be taking kindly to dead baby jokes in the future. ever.

so, on this whole mortality thang.
half of my extended family has died thanks to some form of cancer or another.
we know how they died.
tragedies happen. i’ve been around way too many. disguised heart defects, extreme asthma, car accidents, drunk drivers, food allergies gone horribly wrong, pedestrians being struck . . .

i’ve grieved a lot, for all those inferred above and more. but WE KNOW WHY.

god, goddess, allah, whoever the freak you are.
this is not an excusable flaw in this whole mess we call creation.

yes, it’s pretty bold of me to claim it a “flaw.”
i know, we learn from these things.
the miracle of our breath is only rivaled by the tragedy of it’s ceasing.
i see that now. but i can also see life’s fragility in a million other kinds of death.

babies who just stop breathing? doesn’t need to happen.

6 thoughts on “paranoid much?

  1. It’s just so horrible. 😦 The biggest fear of all parents. I’m so sorry for the loss.


    The other tragedies you mentioned sound horrible too. 😦 Life seems so scary sometimes… All these things that we cannot understand. Yes, how can a baby just stop breathing, no reason found?

  2. I’m very sorry about your friends child passing. It’s never easy, it is so unreal, such an UNNATURAL “order” of things…parents, supposed to be oulived by their children…

    again, very sorry.

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