where to begin . . .


I have become extremely busy!
It’s odd for me to have so much to do, just as I am preparing to make a major move.
I think this needs to be a list:

1) I don’t know if I have mentioned it yet, but I was asked to help with a campaign to install a life-size sculpture of Hoagy Carmichael here in town. He was born here and went to IU. Basically I am helping get things together for a kick off benefit in a couple of weeks. So, I have spent a few days with an artist friend of mine helping him pull together tasks that have been falling through the cracks.

And I am also working on a graphic design project for the same friend. And it’s making me batty.

2) Store Manager is out of town for vacation, so I have more hours at the store.

3) I found out just a few days ago that there’s an event BACK IN FREAKIN VA that I must attend. boo to another trip, but I can not miss this. My mentor, second dad and college prof is retiring and there is a big celebration which apparently I was slated to perform in BEFORE I even knew it was happening. And it’s on the 16th of this month. uh. ok.
It has been interesting though because it has put me back in touch with some very very dear college friends. SO there is learning lines, writing a speech and hopefully making a gift for that.

4) Then there is perhaps the most bizarre item on this list. I wanted get a friend tickets to see donny osmond last year and so i registered on his website. and suddenly I’ve been chosen with others to meet him in Indianapolis. Donny Osmond, yes, I know, I am weird.
but you can all kiss my butt while you laugh. 🙂

5) Yesterday I watched Sideways and Spanglish. Unexpectedly, I liked Spanglish better.
Of course, I have lusted after Paz Vega for many a year now.


One thought on “where to begin . . .

  1. If I hadn’t had the surgery, I’d be planning to head back to BC for Alumni weekend and Prof. MacPhail’s retirement celebration. I wasn’t involved in theatre most of my time at BC, but I was in the fall play my freshman year. And I did adore good old Ralph!

    I’m so jealous that you’re going to get to see so many friends. Please say hi to Jill, Jim, Kim, Brent and on and on!

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