illustration friday- march 25


I’m baaa-aaack.
And catching up (as Usual) from last week’s trip.
So here’s an illo for last week’s topic “fragile”:

and this week’s topic “bloom”:
of course the first thing I thought of was Edelweiss!

Now I must run off to shower quickly . . .I hate being so infrequent about journaling lately.
But today K. has to go up to indianapolis for his sleep study. I am upset I can’t go along because I have to work in the am, so it makes me a little nervous.
Anyway, he should be home from campus soon and then we’ll do dinner and send him off for the night.
After that I *hope* to finally catch vitreous_fish. I need to get a book for little Anthony for the shower (which I’ll be zoooming to right after work tomorrow.)
Oh shite, and I have have to edit a press release for the Hoagy Carmichael project, like, RIGHT NOW. dang. I haven’t even writen bout that yet . . .
when did i suddenly acquire a life?

i wanted to at least post the illustrations!


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