little red wagons and roller skates


my answer to kevin’s how do you people get around then . . .
as we traveled through the nearly impossible roads of west virginia.

needless to say we were positively de-lirious on this trip. Kentucky was somehow more boring and mind numbing today than Kansas and Wyoming put together.

so, this is a brief hello and update before i DROP.
we’re back in Indiana.
i rifled through dozens of emails and think i caught anything urgent. if i missed anything, just write it on a louisville slugger and bang me over the head with it, ok?

ummm. let’s see. pictures? yes, but i am entirely too lazy to upload anything.
since we got home, i read some mail (thanks to jacqui btw), ate chines food (which i did NOT need given how much I’ve ingested the past week) and watched three episodes of town haul on tlc.
so i did nothing basically and am proud of it.

reflections on my week to follow when brain function returns to normal. right now i close my eyes and see highway.

perhaps if i play a little tetris before sleep i can get an upgrade to colorful puzzle blocks . . .


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