quick update from the mountains!


and we thought we’d run into weather here . . . just east outside of indianapolis temps suddenly dropped from forty to twenty nine in seconds and the roads were straight up ICE. We slid once and then nearly ended up in a pile up when traffic came to a screeching slippery halt. Moments later I saw the worst accident I have ever witnessed so closely. blech. I can’t even talk about it right now. It was nasty.
So we were shaken for awhile, but things cleared up in ohio. The sun, though not warm, dried up the roads.

We are here at my folks now amidst the disaster area that is the house. How we will have it ready for movers in the morning is beyond my comprehension. Send happy productive thoughts for us into the universe!

I didn’t even have a “safe” space to bring my suitcase into, so I am wearing the same clothes I wore yesterday– and slept in last night. Oh well, I won’t be getting cleaner until all this work is done anyway.


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