So, we decided to stay in Bloomington an extra day . . .


So K. could get some papers graded and out of the way and I could rest— I had a looong day yesterday and was feeling poorly.
It was good and made possible by the fact we don’t have to be at the lawyer’s in WV on Friday, so we could reorder our trip (it makes more sense this way) to go to WV first, get the G-house packed and moved and then go to VA later in the week and spend the weekend with the K-family. Since my dad-in-law only has the weekends off. The only downside . . . I am gonna miss my baby doll’s dedication at the church.

Thanks for all the fun discussion after my trip to the theatah. It was fun remembering my love for the stage, good bad and ugly as it can be. hehe.
One more question, along the lines of

“What is the sound of one hand clapping?”

“Why must Jean Valjean always have a mullet?”

ponder. discuss. whatever. but it’s true. do I need to start making donations to the wig design industry? Are they THAT bad off?
This last mid-show mullet looked like he’d been bullied into getting a makeover by some redneck lesbians in the 80’s,
combed out mullet perm and all.

And of course, I am humming the tunes incessantly now. It happens whether I’d like it to or not. (The week post-seeing Phantom at the movies was horrifying. Get Masquerade out of your head, go ahead and trrrrrryyyy.)
Of course with les mis, being a day away from the actual lyrics, I have returned to the Forbidden Broadway versions. lol. It is some of their best work ever.
I had “Empty Songs with Empty Lyrics” stuck in my head all day yesterday. Though that seen was moving to me for the first time in this production. Mad props to the Marius I saw.
And today my all time favorite line from the segment, due to it’s truly pointing out the irony of our cultural attachment and setting of this show as a MUSICAL.
to the tune of the line from ‘I Dreamed a Dream,” “but there are dreams that cannot be, and there are storms we cannot whether”

“rich folks pay twenty bucks a shiiiirt, that has a star-ving pauper on it. . . ”

cracks me up, it does.
must remove clothes from the dryer now.


5 thoughts on “So, we decided to stay in Bloomington an extra day . . .

  1. “Why must Jean Valjean always have a mullet?”

    Okay, I died laughing at this one. Of course, I’d have to guess that even in our theatrical arts people are a bit too narrow-minded to search deeper for French period styles beyond the long hair, or the mullets.

    -Just rolls around laughing.-

    That was great. 🙂

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