sadists write three hour tragic musicals


okay, so for some reason i feel like posting despite the fact I have been on –mah ass– for the past three hours.
i warned everyone to pee before the first act.
and i enjoyed it as much as ever.
it’s sad how many times i can watch Les Miserables.
I always think, how trite, a “beloved” big-budget musical. but really, i get sucked into this one every single time.
Phantom and Miss Saigon are another story.
It’s mostly just that Victor Hugo’s story is brilliant and I am continually impressed by how well les mis travels.
(As for Phantom, I prefer the novel, and with Miss Saigon, if it ain’t lea salonga, I’ll just watch a bad production of Madame Butterfly on Pbs and leave it at that.)

I am going to go ‘head and continue. If you don’t give a poo, then stop reading now.

This cast was overall the best I’d seen. Really. And I have seen the show on Broadway numerous times, in the first National tour, and on London’s West End. But frankly, someONE in the cast always bugs me to such a degree that I am jolted by their presence. Not at all in this production.
The swing/chorus people had a great sound. Marius and Cosette are always generic to me. meh. But Marius was moving at the end in this show. And the Fantine kicked butt. Who would have thought I might enjoy hearing I Dreamed A Dream again? Certainly not me. Eponine was very right emotionally and had a not-so-nasal take on the role. THANKS THE GODS. It was getting out of control how they had morphed girls with perfectly decent singing voices into some nasally steroidal Frances Ruffelle. Yes, I saw Debra Gibson do it, and this girl was hella better than any I’d seen. Enroljas– well, I always get a crush on that character, but this one had pipes to match his pretty good looks. LOL. The Thenardiers are alway the same for me. The show has to have some comedy. The Mme apparently was the original here in the states– but her accent was a little too Jersey for me. I always preferred the London Recording, so I never had to listen to her before. Javert won me over, but started out a little “young” sounding. I think he just wasn’t covering his voice enough to provide contrast to the others and sound appropriately menacing. But he got into it as the show went on. Jean Valjean– virtually flawless. I never saw Colm, but this guy can only be compared to him. He was better than Gary Morris and all of the other Valjeans I have ever seen.

So how surprising that I would once again love this show. And see it improved upon even.
Of course, it’s always worth seeing at least twice just for the impressive talents of the cast working on the revolve and navigating that freaking genius piece of theatre set– the barricade.

oh and there’s so much backlight that the_tockamus would have been rolling about the floor in ecstasy.


11 thoughts on “sadists write three hour tragic musicals

  1. Oh, thanks for the run-down in the post. It drops my theatre snob credibility loads, but I have a great and enduring love for Les Mis. Do you know who your Valjean was, by chance?

    And Miss Saigon vs. a bad production of Butterfly? So very, very true.

  2. Les Mis is the one show that is guaranteed to make me weep like a weepy thing that is havaign a good cry.

    I’m not obsessed about it, I don’t pour over every site or hunt down every article, but it affects me every time.

    Usually right from the candlesticks;)

    The first time I saw it I was lucky enough to see Philip Quast as Javert. He made Javert real, if stil morally unbendable. Peter Cousens as marius too… lovely. Mind you he made Raoul a sympathetic character too.

    My second performance had the best Fantine and the best Cosette I’d seen, and have seen since. Cosette acted like a cheerful little girl, so Heart Full of Love really was a wonderful contrast to the majority of the rest of it.
    And Fantine had guts, rather than a lot of whine.

    Mind you I still blubbed even on the West End with nose bleed seats (able to see corpses walk away) and a cast I can’t really rememebr.

  3. I will unashamedly say that I adore Les Mis and I weep helplessly every damn time. EEK & I are seeing it again when the tour comes to Chicago. We’re taking my Dad who has never seen it.

  4. i love les mis too, but after just closing my run of Ragtime ( yet another 3 hour tragic musical)… you can see why i wouldn’t want to see that one right now.

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