–when i should by all sense and logic be in bed.

lotsa people ask to see artwork, and i feel like sucha loser having little to show. It’s either not scanned, or (insert list of excuses here.)
oh, and someday, i shall commit to a design and put up a website.
i’ve got the content and skills to do so, but the utter lack of ability to choose a direction or design.
right now i’ve gotta concentrate on the move . . . but after that
will someone please put the bullet in my mouth and force me to bite?

in the meantime, i love sending little artworks through the mail. . .
most recently these two posties!
and big hugs to klimtkat who immediately responded with postal Looooove. I got your letter today. 🙂

and a few days ago I looked outside and saw some big-ass snowflakes. and i took a picture.

oooooh and the new tori album came in the mail today– I love pre-ordering things because you always get them a little early!

15 thoughts on “ruh-ruh-ruh-randomness–

  1. I’m currently enjoying The Beekeeper also. It’s a bit like Scarlet’s Walk in the way that you have to listen to it a few times to really get deeper into it and for it to grow on you.

  2. i just wanted to say hello. i noticed today that i had been added to your friend list and have added you back. it’s great to “meet” another tori fan in indiana! anyhow, i don’t have much to say as my brain seems to be counting out for the night, but anyhow, it’s nice to make a new lj friend and i look forward to reading your journal! 🙂

  3. loving your mail *aRt* gal!! and that snow pic is way cool!! *grin* you are SO lucky to have toris new cd already!! i can’t wait to go tomorrow and get it!!! are you digging it?? i just *heart* her!!!
    x0x ~t!

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