what an oddly good kinda day!

I scanned in these illustrations– last week’s

this week’s The Year of the Rooster

The weirdest thing?
My computer (the one that hasn’t had sound in years . . .) now has sound. I did a dance of joy.
Let’s just say my computer savvy husband didn’t tell me that it’s lack of sound coincided with the installation of xp . . .
Nah. I shant blame him, but it was odd that I stumbled onto a solution when, if I had gone looking for one, I would have spent hours searching and downloading, and reading dumbass forums and rebooting . . .

The coolest thing?
I am soooo close to having this damn loan closed. *pants* It makes me out of breath just thinking of it.

The best thing?
I got books from amazon today . . . which I am diving into immediately following a bubble bath.

And I finished watching season one of Deadwood today. SOOOOOOOO Satisfying.
We aren’t going to talk about how addicted I am to cable tv shows.
I outright BOUGHT carnviale season one . . . .and it wasn’t cheap.


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