does anyone else . . .

live in mortal fear of walking into a dark room of their home and stepping into a pile of fresh cat hork?!?
just wondering.
cuz when i entered my house tonight i felt myself tense up.

and when i asked meself, now why did my shoulders just rise to my ears (?)
I laughed out loud when I realized that I
am terrorized by hairballs
(and regurgitated food from one cat who, despite a belly that drags the ground, thinks he’s starving and swallows
his food–and the others if he can– in one great swallow.)

how does one teach a cat to masticate?

well, it’s the wind-down after work, where I can easily get trapped into staying up all night.
I just can’t relax right away. But my goal is to get to bed in the next 15 minutes, to preserve my new schedule.
*nighty night*

13 thoughts on “does anyone else . . .

  1. Worse, I have a well-founded fear of being horked upon from the sky while taking a bath. Yes. It happened to me. A place I used to live at had these neato exposed beams along the high ceiling, perfect for a kitty to ramble around on. So I’m taking a bath one day and I feel something slightly warmer than my bath water hitting my shoulder. Words cannot express my horror when I looked up to see my little gray cat way up there above the tub doing the furball yack thing. I can remember telling myself not to panic, not to panic, and then standing up and turning on the shower. In the end I was all right again once I was clean, but I remained haunted and shaky for days.

    As for teaching cat to masticate, ugh. All I can do to keep the regurgitated food from coming up after every other meal or so is to limit the amount of food I put out and feed them more often. I just cover the bottom of three bowls with dry food and wait until most of it’s gone before giving them more. It’s a pain in the ass but so is cleaning up kitty puke.

  2. Hahahahaha!

    I don’t need the room to be dark for me to trot in catbarf…they hide it, ever so sneeky, just around the corner…i’ll be wandering out of one room into the next and and before i know it, i feel this cold squishiness inbetween my toes….eeeew it’s so gross! I’m more or less immune to cat-puke by now, but please don’t let it attack my toes.

  3. Hi Heidi!!!!!!!!! I finally got your card. I am so so sorry. You poor thing. You must have thought I was such a liar and so rude as well. I will get your card right out to you. My PO Box moved and all of the mail that arrived in january got moved to another person’s PO Box. I just got all of these cards a few days ago and was so happy to see them. I thought I was going crazy because I had been so careful to send cards and thank yous back to anyone who had written or asked for one, sheesh.

    Anyway thank you for the card and for all of your sweet, friendly, comments, you are wonderful and I am so happy to have you as a friend. I’m sorry I’m not too good at keeping up and commenting, if you ever need me for anything just come on over and grab me, i’m so busy and distracted and my friend’s list is just too damend long…

    Yes, I know what it feels like to step in cat barf, shit, piss, whatever, in the dark in the middle of the night, but you know what? It’s weird, but I’m not afraid of it for some reason. Maybe I’m just so used to it. I’m more worried about why they throw up, with so many kitties we have high casualties here and aside from the cost which is staggering, there is so much guilt and heartbreak. So when I step in barf, or someone pukes right on my face, like Curly Girl did the other night, I wind up thinking oh yuck but that’s usually pretty much overshadowed by how panicked and paranoid I feel afterwards.

    Can it really be as simple as the fact that some of them gobble down too much too fast because my beloved Jake has got that big wobbly hang down stomach (kind of like me) too and he’s always barfing.

    Anyway thank you for everything, you are a sweetheart, and I’ll get a card off to you as soon as I get back from Scott’s : )

    Big loving hugs,

  4. hi,
    you don’t know me, but i happened to be killing time by surfing LJ, and found yours. you mentioned a fat cat who, despite said girth, still horks down the food with reckless abandon.

    i have one too.

    the ONLY thing that works for my lil’ guy is to feed him tiny amounts of food, many meals throughout the day. yes, it’s a pain, for i have 2 other cats. but they have their own problems. :) so i already have a pretty advanced cat-feeding ritual.

    but nevertheless, the reduction-in-serving-size trick should work. give it a shot, and good luck.

  5. Oh wow, I just clicked on your journal info page and it is soooo beautiful. I looooove black birds, magpies, crows, ravens, and Scott is always calling me his little magpie because I am so easily distracted and attracted to shiny things.

    Your images are beautiful, wow. And you like cats and the vintage sex community, did you know I was one of the very first people to post pictures like this on Live Journal and inspired the creation of this community, at least that’s what I’ve been told, then I got a bit shy and haven’t posted as many as I once did.

    Anyway just wanted to say hi, if you’d like to add me, come on over to my journal and let me know.


  6. Yeah we have the same problem, well, not with the bath and rafters, heh, heh, but with feeding freely and then dealing with puke, hmmm, I may try your method.

    My cat threw up on me when I was sleeping the other night, not once, but twice, and horror of horrors, she actually puked on my face!!!!!

  7. Oh my goodness….you won’t believe me when i say this-

    I wouldn’t have met my husband if it weren’t for you! Seriously.

    This was two years ago, i had just started lj-ing and you were one of the first people whom i added to my friendslist (i was back then, i only just recently started a new journal as Drindod). I don’t think that you added me back, you might not have noticed that i added you since you had (and still have!) a large ammount of folks on your friendslist! I’m not sure where i came across your journal, maybe it was via (…who was then named “Buioch”). Anyway, at the time i was still finding my way through lj and i came across some (vintage) communities via your userinfo…and in one of those communities is where i met my husband (…he’s the mod of ). We met in a vintage lj-community, and were married the same year.

    It’s funny that i should meet you again, especially since today is the Chinese New Year (my husband and i are both Roosters, and according to the Chinese zodiac this year is a Rooster Year). I am definitely quite sure that i am not mistaking you for someone else, i also remember that your journal at that time was black and white themed, slightly different than it is now but still in the same vintage style.

    I’d like to add you, but how do you keep up with so many people on your friendslist?

  8. moy momma’s newest kitty pissed on her chest two nights ago!
    she’s horrified. thanks gods mine rarely urinate in unauthorized places. cause peeeee-uuu.

  9. hey! can you just go ahead and leave my stuffs in a bag in the office with me name on it? I *will* hang out soon. dammit. all this moving preperation and mortgage stuff has me insane. moreso than usual.

  10. OOooooooOOOooo

    look at all this happy reuniting on my journal!
    just add her trin— sometimes you just bug her like I do and she comes to visit. ;)
    but jaqs journal entries are not to be missed.
    of course neither are the posts and ammmmmaaaaaazing vintage-esque photos of the loverly blackbird!

  11. uuummmm. no.

    lol. would never think you are lying and you are NEVER rude– so thoughtful, you are, my pretty girl!
    I am having your more-cats-than-others-think-are-sanitary-or-socially-acceptable problem today. ggrrrr.
    and luckily we don’t have the numbers and sadness that your kitty-life does. Not that I am any LESS traumatized when I read about it in your journal. I am so easily upset by animal sadness. . .
    I have preached at funerals for people and I am fine, but even a stranger’s sick kitty puts me in fits. pathetic, eh?

    loves to you and beau and scotty, too!

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