t r a n q u i l i t y


yes, that’s sarcasm oozing from each space in that word.

i have had, for what is coming upon three days now, the most aggravating migraine.
mostly it feels like someone is wringing out the muscles and whatnot behind my left eye.
great visual, huh?
you’re just lucky i didn’t illustrate it for you.
so yes, i am typing while squinting my left eye and as doped up on excedrin as one can get.

the comfort continues in my queen size bed.
to my left? one spouse.

may the gods and goddesses of a sleep disorder study bestow rest and productive sleep upon us both soon.

it’s honestly like darth vader with a head cold and sleep apnea.
snoring, wheezing
and then three seconds or so of tense silence.
then a great GASP.

for eight hours.

at my feet?
what i can only imagine an amateur porn shoot would sound like.
but, no.
i have a cat— the heinous calico bitch—
who insists on slurping and chewing her own ass.
at 3am and in my bed.

it’s quite a cacaphony.

and we wonder why *my* sleep schedule is SCREWED.

6 thoughts on “t r a n q u i l i t y

  1. thank you so much for this entry… I am not laughing at you…
    but man I am laughing… which I needded considering that buttheadbush just finished up his pep rally!


    hope you feel better.

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