anything and everything but what must be done . . .

so avoiding the packing thing–
and i am excited so one might think i would jump right in.
but instead, i sleep alot. lol
and i painted.

anybody here find this little shed familiar? i had a dream about it and it should have meaning for someone here (if it’s recognizable!)
anyway, i made it for you. hopefully it will bring happy memories and not sad ones!

and i found these pics on my camera.

my boys. . . with bedhead

jack and jill . . . awww

and ginger-butt

16 thoughts on “anything and everything but what must be done . . .

  1. change is exhausting, even when its good change and we want it, sleeping gears us up…. and art…. well, that is the whole upliftment to move into what your doing I think!

    kitties so sweet1

    painting very nice.
    have a great day.


  2. Re: ginger-butt

    well, it’s just one of her many nicknames! I guess her name’s just “Ginger” but she never gets called that! Jill is usually jill-baby, jack is jack-monster, etc.
    Baby, the evil calico not pictured here doesn’t have any cutesy names. It’s ironic enough that she came with the name “Baby.” She’d probably eat our faces if we tried to frill it up any more!

  3. yes, and soooooon i will have studio space. I think my body knows that a day is coming when there will be less time and desire to sleep. Spring will be full of renovations and unpacking and art-making!

  4. Yes, I certainly have a way with the felines. lol.
    I difintely want you all to meet kev someday for sure!
    Are you all staying in NOLA for the forseeable future? I knw that you’ll eventually evacuate. Wait, that’s definitely the wrong choice of words. lOL. Flee! That’s what you’ll do. Flee with glee. :)

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