Illustration Friday– Gluttony


Here’s this week’s illo.
The scan is pretty low res, so it looks hells muddier than it actually is.
Considering how not exciting this topic was to me at first, I am okay with it now.
I just didn’t feel much like drawing someone eating until they were ready to puke.

As for the move– which seems to be happening to alot of us these days–
I send out the paperwork to the mortgage company tomorrow. My parents close Feb. 4th, we close the 15th– though we’ll be signing over power
of attorney since we won’t be there.
AND I actually packed a bit today. Most of my clothes. And there’s a nice pile of crapola to get rid of, too.

17 thoughts on “Illustration Friday– Gluttony

  1. what kind of paints do you use? they’re very bright. i’ve got 12 watercolor crayons i’d like to try that i got from someplace that i’ve never opened yet.

    i like your 1,3,5… the background colors on 2,4 are less intense/too tone-like i think — Composition is pretty good on all of them.
    I can understand about the topic. Those are great ideas though! I think you implemented them well!

    How is being a glutton being too picky? i guess if you were used to getting what you wanted, only certain things would satisfy you? Would that be right?

  2. this is fun, wish I could see it better…

    my gluttony is fabric and art supplies.

    have you used flikr? you can store them there for free and if you click on the picture in LJ it brings you to where you can view different sizes of the upload.

    always fun to get rid of the crapola!

  3. Anonymous


    what a great quote
    i love the vignette style and the little squares full of colour and detail
    so well done.
    definitely one of my fav’s this week

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