announcing . . .


well, here it is,
we are moving to, of all places, the town where i grew up.
and honestly, it’s not the grim tale one might think,
but quite the opposite.

the story goes, my mother, who has been dreadfully blah for alot of years, found a house.
she found a house that made her excited about life, and that made us all happy for her.
things fell into place one by one. now she is buying this house and granting us the equity in their old house.
(meaning we get to buy it for the remainder of their mortgage– about 35,000)
as if we could pass that up.
and after being home to visit i knew i wanted to be closer home as my grandma and parents age,
but also to see my cousin’s baby grow as a toddler.
kevin, now being ABD has the ability to retreat into the small town atmosphere to write his dissertation.
job prospects have even presented themselves,
and i will have plenty of studio space–
not to mention a house that is 100+ years old to renovate!

it also tends to be, well, haunted. if you believe in that sort of thing.

the new icon gives you a glimpse of how immense it is.
considering how confined living quarters have been for so long, it feels like a mansion.


10 thoughts on “announcing . . .

  1. That’s so exciting! I’ve been contemplating moving back closer to home lately, because I’m living in an overpriced (but cute-I’ll give it that) cramped studio apartment which does triple duty as my studio, bedroom and living room. I keep thinking about how homes are so much more affordable back home. I’ve just reached that point where the thought of having a big old fixer-upper with a whole room for an art studio would be so wonderful.

    So, yes. I’m thrilled for you, and understand what it must feel like for you to be moving back. And job prospects even makes me think that it’s all meant to be. So congrats on the exciting news. 🙂

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