let’s see . . .


i feel like i have been avoiding an update because there are soo many posts I want to make right now.

First I *wish* I could post about how much decorating I did and cookies I baked. But it would be an outright lie.
And I miss our families and friends and the people I take for granted I will see during the winter break.

I also have been wanting to do a real 2004 assessment. I feel like I *need* it this year.
Maybe I should consult that meme that’s so abundant on the friends list these days for guidance.

And I want to rave about Lemony Snicket and how I loved it. I drool just thinking about it.

And maybe this is related to thinking back on the year, but I want to write about some really wonderful people in my life.

I also avoided more frustrated posts on “the drama of the holiday postie,” but now I have put off bitching so long that’s it’s actually
done and printing AS I SIT HERE. hoo-freakin-rah.
(final plea if you wanna see . . .)

And I wanted to also rave about heifer project— I donated for all my prezzies this year, chicks and bees.
but mostly i didn’t want to spoil the surprise for vitreous_fish.
Speaking of, guess who will be receiving a new year spa soak and massaaaaaage . . . MOI.
Thanks to the forementioned lj user and my dear lovely beauteous going-to-be-with-her-baby havin-sister friend, anna.

AND I still haven’t posted photos of the second half of the year really, pics from lotus and my trip, new orleans and the wedding of kiaroskuro and maduro and my hometown. Maybe that too will be part of my massive 2004 summation.

Oh and speaking of the newlyweds, I have also not sent their wedding giftie from me. Which I meant to get to you by the holiday.
And since I already mentioned it, part of your gift was also a donation to Heifer International. I’ll send more info. But I figured having already lived together you had much, if not all of what you needed at home. So, I donated some chickies in your honor. Some villagers can now start an egg business thanks to your nuptuals!
Sounds hokey, but its one of the greatest organizations ever. Of course my dad, (not being serious, of course) says, “What your tellin’ me is I’m not gettin’ a gift, right?” LOL. Yeah, that’s why I wrote a check that broke my bank.

Well, I should move along now. I am supposed to open the store in the am, but currently, being in Bloomington where we can measure the snow in feet counting drifts, I am snowed in. You may say, “but dear, you live in town , surely they’ve plowed.” Actually they have.
& when they did they left half the snow from 11th Street BLOCKING OUR ALLEY. We managed to dig out of the driveway only to find that the OTHER end of the alley is blocked by an abandoned car. *throws hands in the air*

But damn. It sho nuff is a white xmas here. Beautiful. really.
i’d take pics, but i am lazy and it’s 4 degrees without wind chill.

On the happy side, solstice was great and now it’s getting lighter. whooooohooooo

One thought on “let’s see . . .

  1. i’m down with that… one of our cars is in a parking space outside, we’d have to dig it out… the other is in the carport, and thankfully is okay.

    i decided to do “goals for 2005” or something like that to start my year out okay. …i’m not really in need of the 2004 assessment. but i do need some motivation to do better next year;).

    last new years i poured wassail over trees and shrubberies:)

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