let me tell you a story . . .


my own quest for perfection has caused yet another delay in the tale which will henceforth be known as “the drama of the holiday postie.”
Today I have a new respect for digital illustrators.

After discovering that what I needed was at home all along . . .
Got-damn lessons I should have learned from Dorothy Gale.
(Anna placed white card stock in my bag days ago, and here I’ve been using my lack of materials as an excuse for procrastination.)
S’anyway I scanned in my illustration– a quickie I drew days ago and thought “how nice, I’ll put this on a postcard and check holiday notes off the list.”
I opened it in Photoshop.
**red alert**
for obsessives out there, unless you want to get *ahem* involved, you should just divide a page in Word into 4, paste the Jpeg in and PRINT IMMEDIATELY, because if you make ONE small change (and you know you will, you so will. . . ) you will NEED to make a dozen or so MILLION more.

Basically I am re-coloring the damn thing. Only without the benefits of simply scanning in a line drawing and working in layers.
All that aside, I have SO much more respect for digital illustrators out there.
Unless, of course, you have a Wacom Tablet, in which case
I will reach new levels of jealousy and sneer at you and *your people* until I have acquired said device
and happily assimilated myself into your elitist illustration clique.

In the meantime, all I have are sore eyes and an incredibly cold stiff finger on my right hand from the tension of trying to control the roller-ball on my mouse.


3 thoughts on “let me tell you a story . . .

  1. t “how nice, I’ll put this on a postcard and check holiday notes off the list.”

    Haha! I thought exactly the same thing. Now I also wish I had just printed them directly onto cardstock, and just had to cut each piece of paper in four, instead of gluing each picture onto a new sheet of cardstock. I hope I remember this lesson next year!!

  2. The joys of doing anything in Photoshop.
    I can only speak for myself but..sometimes the simplest of tasks can lead me to spend hours playing and tweaking around,lets call it “Semi-productive Artistic Procrastination”.Sap for short:)

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