Please and thank yous.


I am so grateful to all of you who’ve filled out my poll and given me your contact info— If you missed that post and see this one please
fill THIS out if you can spare a moment. (It will open in a new window for you.)

If you already did, grazie!
Don’t expect big things. lol.
It might take me a bit to actually get some mail out, but I am feeling a bit more inspired now.
As promised, here’s my info as well.
I’ll just make it friends only and trust that if anyone decides to stalk me that they won’t harm my kitty cats!

Oh, amd I celebrate a strange collection of holidays right now. Last month I celebrated Thanksgiving and Diwali (I’ve had close friends my whole life from India and I am obsessed with light and candles.) I grew up in the Church of the Brethren. Maybe I’ll tell you some funny Christmas pageant stories another time. I kinda enjoy the generic cultural Christmas as well. Emphasis on the goodwill, not the consumerism. I have been lighting a menorah since I was very very young. No one in my family is Jewish, but I have nearly converted several times. If my own religion weren’t so based in my heritage and tied to me in some weird ethnic way, I think Judaism is definitely my religion of choice. And given the roots of the religious holidays and my own respect and love for the earth and the seasons, I get pretty darn excited by the Winter Solstice.
So yeah, as far as religious and holiday observances now and through the year, I am a big fat mess.
a totally random collage of worship.

One thought on “Please and thank yous.

  1. a totally random collage of worship

    You, dear, re-define the term “open-minded”.
    Of all religiously eclectic folks I´m honoured to know, you might very well be the most open-mindedly tolerant and, well, open. 🙂 Which I appreciate enormously in a person!

    And the more the merrier…celebrating is soul-food. And belly-food, oftentimes, as well, which is a good good thing too. 😉

    <3 Mwahhh!!!!

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