quite literally


a pain in the neck
these headches i have.
is it possible to have a sinus headache everyfreakingday?
because i am pretty sure that’s what it is.
i’m gonna go talk to my doc when i get home, but
my neck is so tight at the base of my skull and
my eyes are sore– like with eye strain.
and judging from the occasional sneeze that provides temporary relief,
i am thinking it’s a fabulous allergy/sinus combo.
i’m just sick of living on excedrin.
it works but i don’t like relying on painkillers.

in other news, my cousin and i took a little journey today . . . .
i spent money.
even though it was birthday money i feel guilty
since it’s been over a month since i’ve earned any income. eep.
a good trip, all things considered.

and i am addicted to the tangy tomato salad dressing from the Outback.

3 thoughts on “quite literally

  1. Are you sick in any particular place? Like do you come home to carpeting? I have terrible allergies and this is the first time i’ve ever lived in a place with wall to wall carpeting,I used to send rugs out to be cleaned one or twice a year and i had hardwood floors,,but i swear this is the nastiest stuff ever invented,i’m sure it harbours dust mites and mold somewhere..the two things i’m allergic to.

  2. hormones and weather, amount of light available can affect sinuses.

    although i’m leaning towards possible allergies.

    take a claritin D (for decongestant)it’ll help sinuses and decrease sneezing

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