smell that?


it’s the smell of bridges burning!
at least maybe the fire will keep me warm through the winter. lol.

and now, back to me having a real life.
Today was insane. I spent close to seven hours in a car with my parents raoming the mountains and valleys. You see, we decided to go find an old cemetary where some ancestors are buried. The problem? hehe
We trusted my dad had proper instructions for finding it . . . 5 hours later we end up in the Winchester Library doing the research oursleves. The good news? We FOUND it. So, at least we have that satisfaction. But that much time in a car (after riding home from the Valley yesterday and planning to go back to Indiana on Friday) nearly fried me for good. (And of course I arrived home to the lovely email I posted earlier.)
To top it off, mom and I — not expecting to be on the Gillgan’s Island of cemetary hunts– didn’t eat anything. So the first bite I had wasn’t until 7pm or so. And then it made me ill.
But I took some great photos of the graves.
I can’t wait til I have the cyber-power to functionally upload and share so much of my journey . . .

3 thoughts on “smell that?

  1. would you like me to set you up an album on my sight to upload your pics to? you’d have a password for uploading (very easy automated gallery) and i can make it pasword protected to view or open acess.

    i can’t offer this long term (i’m filling my space fast! lol.)… but for a temp solution…

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